Google Confirms Rollout of Image Search Filters & Tags

As early as the beginning of Summer 2015, some users began to notice a new set of Google Image Search filters and options when performing an image search from mobile. Of course, it’s not uncommon for Google to test new features on unsuspecting users, but in a somewhat uncommon turn of events, Google has confirmed that these new image search filters/tags are here to stay for good. See these new search filters in action below:

Using Google Image Search Filters

It appears that these tags are only showing for a small subset of search terms thus far (I promise I don’t spend a lot of time Googling home siding on a regular basis), but if you manage to stumble upon an image search that does have these new filters enabled, it works a little bit like this:

  • Perform a search
  • Choose a filter (or three)

You’ve done it! Now you’re an image tag filter searching pro. It is interesting (and useful!) to note that these filters can be compounded, meaning I can view results for home sidinghome siding with a concrete filter applied, and even home siding with a concrete filter applied, in addition to a red filter. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of image results to find that perfect red concrete home siding example you’ve been dreaming of.

On a more serious note, these filters, and more importantly their method of implementation, is a logical and intelligent move for Google. Google has long provided suggested modifications to image search results, but being able to filter and pare down results on the fly with little to no loading time is just another way the Google Image Search experience has gotten that much easier. I’m surely not complaining.

3 thoughts on “Google Confirms Rollout of Image Search Filters & Tags”

  1. It’s worth pointing out that Pinterest and Bing have been already implemented these features. Google is following, not leading, when it comes to image search. Not a good trend for them.

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