Brand Authority Basics: 5 Reasons Why You Should Write Articles for Your Brand

Why Do I Have To Write Articles? I’m a Businessperson.

As the fierce arms race to control Brand Authority in the online marketplace continues to ramp up, it’s only becoming more and more important to find an angle that sets your brand and your offering apart from your competition. For some retail brands, this can be accomplished by establishing themselves as a price leader in their market segment, or by offering a unique product that their competitors simply can’t match. But when it comes to the internet, and a lot of the service-based brands and companies that now exist, some of these age-old differentiating tactics no longer apply.

Why Do I Care About Brand Authority?

In a new age where knowledge is king, a brand must set themselves apart by demonstrating that they are more authoritative and knowledgable in their field than anyone else. One great way to demonstrate this is by curating and creating written content, on topics that directly relate to your brand and business. You don’t need to be the next Hemingway to write short to medium-form articles that can actually help your existing customers, attract new customers, and build brand authority at the same time.

Here are just five simple reasons why you should be writing articles for your brand:

  1. Authority – By positioning yourself as a leader and a source of knowledge in your industry, people will naturally gravitate towards your brand. Additionally, depending on your industry, there may be little competition when it comes to written articles and knowledge online. If you’re a landscaper in Scottsdale, AZ, there is likely not a huge amount of online competition writing watering guides, landscape design advice, etc. Those are easy ‘ins’ you can take advantage of quickly!
  2. Credibility – Along with this authority naturally comes a trust and understanding that you know what you’re talking about! This is a very valuable tool, professionally, and gaining the trust of current or potential customers is a gift that should be valued and respected. Make your content and writing actionable; the more valid and useful solutions you present to your audience, the more you will be seen as a leader.
  3. Recognition – Building brand recognition that increases the association of your brand or name to quality work or service is the entire point of marketing! You want people to sell you, for you. If you can become a recognized name, the snowball effect of recognition leading to discovery will begin to take place, paradoxically exposing even more new potential customers to your brand, and the identity of that brand.
  4. Loyalty – The more you build rapport with your customer base, the more loyal they will likely be to your brand. A business that continues to provide value after the initial transaction is miles ahead of the competition, and no amount of shiny marketing materials or up-front value adds can beat a strong and ongoing relationship that is beneficial to the customer.
  5. Perceived Value – When you continue to provide value past the initial relationship, you are building the perceived value of the brand/product in the customer’s eyes. By going beyond the tangible benefits of whatever the customer has purchased, you can make them feel like they are getting more for their money.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, and only covers a few basic reasons why blogging for a business is beneficial to your brand authority and identity, but it should give you more than enough good reasons to get out and start writing articles for your brand today!

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